Builders Corflute Signs

Fences around? Why not turn them into your personalized advertising boards!


Corflute is a material which provides cheap and temporary advertising solutions. Protected from water, oil and many other solvents that could damage other design and packaging materials, Corfulte provides a perfect material for your development site advertisement and printing needs.

Builders and construction agencies always have the need to advertise to have a constant flow of contracts. But unlike usual ways of having your advertisements mounted city wide, builders draw more attention to potential clients and contracts through the building sites they currently work at. But construction signs are prone to building materials, wind and rain which could damage the advertising banners. Not only this, but heavy material used for advertising at construction sites can pose the safety problem to workers too, since nothing could be risked at building sites. Hence, builders Corflute signs provide an easy to install, cost effective, safe and temporary solution to builders’ designing and advertising needs.


Unlike the mesh banners used at building sites, builders Corflute signs are often demanded for small size printing needs such as safety instruction signs. Standout Signs has been the age long choice of many builders for their construction sites signage needs. Our professional team with the use of industry approved high quality equipment makes it to fulfill your dreams and requirements in a very cost effective and long lasting manner. From our choice of services, you can meet your advertising demands according to site area, weather and color printing needs.Standout Signs will help you get to the best of what you want to achieve.


At the construction sites, get an even more influx of potential customers with use of attractive and eye-catching building Corflute signs designed and printed by Standout Signs team or use it post the safety instructions on your construction buildings. Achieve the cost effective and weather-lasting dream of construction advertisement!