Mesh Banners and Hoardings


Mesh banners are suitable solution for windy locations instead of the rather older wind slits which sometimes cause the banner to tear out. Mesh banners are printed on a material that let the air and also the sound to pass through it. Mesh banners and hoardings are printed in full color with unlimited options of adding background color, text or photographs and clipart.

Mesh banners and billboards are generally used for outdoor advertising and events such as festivals, sports events, open air concerts or at construction sites. Another increasingly innovative use of mesh banners and hoardings is as store front banners. Since mesh banners permits some visibility through the windows from outside and also allows natural light into the stores. Mesh hoardings are also used as eye-catching development site billboards. Graphics are digitally printed in full color on shade like mesh material or vinyl banner. The mesh material is then installed onto a wire fence permitting the wind through it whereas the vinyl banners are stretched using the aluminum sail track onto a rigid timber fence, often categorized as a hoarding. Mesh hoardings are used to surround construction sites of residential or industrial building areas. Since mesh is lighter material than vinyl, it is more suitable for high wind conditions to counteract the “sail” effect.

In some mesh materials, you can see the crisscrossed fibers providing a somewhat see through effect, but still has a printable surface. Standout Signs finishes the mesh banners and hoardings with industry standard heat welded helms and grommets. To hide the scaffolding on construction sites or to advertise in other heavy wind areas, mesh provides viable, cost effective and eye-catching solution with the use of vivid UV inks and full color printing. It is a brilliant and an easy to install on temporary fences and sites option for builders, developers or site owners.